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Purpose Download pdf Audio*
Introduction to Mantras [Background material] Background.pdf Not Available
Key points to be noted regarding recitation of mantras Not Available Not Available
For ensuring supply of food [ANNAPOORNA MANTRA] Mantra 1 Not Available
For all physical and mental diseases [DHANVANTARI MANTRA] Mantra 2
For improving intelligence, self confidence, fearlessness, etc. Mantra 3 Not Available
For removal of all diseases  Mantra 4 Not Available
For all heart diseases including hypertension (B.P)  Mantra 5
For all eye diseases involving cataract, glaucoma, retina, etc. Mantra 6 Not Available
For cure from all types of fevers and animal bites including snake bites and insect bites Mantra 7 Not Available
A healing prayer to deal with diseases  Mantra 8 Not Available
Mantra from Holy Japuji Saheb for healing diseases and invoking the grace of God Mantra 9 Not Available
For better memory power [MEDHA DAKSHINAMURTHI MANTRA] Mantra 10
For best performance in interviews, debates, etc. [HAYAGREEVA MANTRA] Mantra 11 Not Available
For success in competitive examinations and public examinations [HAYAGREEVA MANTRA] Mantra 12
To avert unexpected accidents and dangers to life [MRTYUNJAYA MANTRA] Mantra 13
One more mantra to avert unexpected accidents and dangers to life [LAGHU MRTYUNJAYA MANTRA] Mantra 14 Not Available
To combat all sorts of fears – vague or specific, including severe mental depression, etc.[DIGBANDHANA MAHA MANTRA (or VANADURGA MAHA MANTRA)] Mantra 15
One more mantra to combat general fears and mental depression Mantra 16 Not Available
To protect from all troubles, anxieties, tensions and worries  Mantra 17 Not Available
To prevent nightmares and bad dreams  Mantra 18 Not Available
For early and happy marriage of unmarried girls  Not Available Not Available
For married women who have remained childless for years - to beget a child [SANTANA GOPALA MANTRA] Mantra 20
To remove barrenness in women especially in cases with repeated abortions  Mantra 21 Not Available
For easy and normal delivery and to prevent abortions and barrenness [SUKHA PRASAVA YAKSHINI MANTRA] Mantra 22 Not Available
To avoid estrangements between husband and wife arising out of incompatibility, dowry problems, etc. Mantra 23 Not Available
To increase one’s wealth and prosperity and to become famous  Mantra 24 Not Available
For release from heavy indebtedness  Mantra 25 Not Available
To recover property / money lost through burglary, dacoity, etc. [KARTAVEERYARJUNA MANTRA] Mantra 26 Not Available
Universal mantra for overall well being and prosperity and to prevent dangers and calamities including diseases [RAAM NAAM] Mantra 27
For relief from bites from serpents, centipedes and other poisonous reptiles [NEELAKANTHA MANTRA] Mantra 28 Not Available
Tamil hymns for recovery from various kinds of ailments and also for resolving problems confronted in life  Mantra 29 Not Available
To escape imprisonment in a jail or from kidnapping [SRI GANESA KAVACHAM] Mantra 30 Not Available
A universal remedy (panacea) for all ills, problems, diseases, etc. Mantra 31 Not Available
For removal of all Impediments and Delay in any venture (marriage, employment seeking), enterprises, etc. [KSHIPRA PRASAD GANAPATI MANTRA] Mantra 32
For controlling rebellious persons like sons, daughters, etc. [RAJA MATANGI MANTRA] Mantra 33 Not Available
For children who are dumb or unable to speak  [SARASWATI MANTRAM] Mantra 34 Not Available
For both boys and girls whose marriage is getting delayed [RUKMINI VALLABHA MANTRA] Mantra 35
For removal of indebtedness of people who are in debts Mantra 36 Not Available
For getting out of black magic or attacks of jealousy by others, etc. [mantra from the scriptures] Mantra 37

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