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Address of Adhistanam:

Guru Bhoomi
Pandhitapattu Village
Perumbakkam Road
Survey No. 26/7D

Please note that the Adhistanam will be open everyday between the following time:
Morning: 8-11am
Evening: 4-6pm

To reach the location one has to go from Sri Ramanasramam towards Chengam/ Krishna Giri / Bangalore. After going around 500 meters a road goes to the left and proceed on that road. After 4 kilometres or so this road will cross the by-pass road  under construction. Further one kilometre down, one needs to take a left turn (the land mark at this place is a small tea shop). The place is around 6 to 7 KM from Ramansramam gate.

Most auto drivers parking in front of Ramanasramam knows this location and one may seek their help or use their services.

Some of the contact numbers of auto drivers  who can take you to this place are listed below:
Pasha 09442809982
Seenu 09486274689


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